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The Romans knew it. And, since they knew it, they used wine from Ribeiro to prepare a variety of ointments their military, as well as some prominent craftsmen and farmers, would use to speed up the healing of wounds caused by tough chores and battling. The Romans were dominant in Ribeiro for centuries. And, as everybody knows, they were extraordinary viticulturists and warriors. Soon after taking control over the region they discovered the amazing repairing properties of a special kind of grapes today used to produce the Ribeiro wine. But those ancient ointments were not the only skin care use the early inhabitants of Auriensis, the city known as Orense these days, made of this magnificent natural ingredient. There are records confirming the spouses of many generals from the Roman army and other women married to dignataries would use those same ointments and some derivatives from them to revitalize their facial skin, making it look more radiant and even. A good number of those historic records also describe another beauty practice that was popular among those Roman women who belonged to the Auriensis crème de la crème: they loved to use the wine made from those grapes to wash their faces at least once a day. A primitive beauty routine that made a lot of sense since red wine from that part of the world is highly charged with poliphenols, tannins and other natural substances that act as mild exfoliants and revitalizers which can literally illuminate the skin's outer layer.

The romans knew it. Their knowledge was probably less scientific than ours, but they were perfectly aware of how beneficial the juice from Ribeiro grapes is for human skin, both female and male. They knew all those positive effects happened. We also know why they happen. The grapes from Ribeiro have outstanding antioxidant qualities. It was time that those qualities were made available in the shape of a good facial cream. It was time that a company gathered a group of skin care experts to combine the Ribeiro wine with a blend of carefully chosen natural ingredients to give birth to one of the most powerful moisturizing & antiaging day creams ever created...

...It was time for Levinred to become your favorite cream.

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  1. Levinred Wine Cream - Moisturizing & Anti-aging Cream

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    Unique and exclusive moisturizing and anti-aging cream with red wine from Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain. It contains all the antioxidant and rejuvenating properties from Ribeiro grapes. With Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), Aloe Vera Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Hypericum Oil, Cotton Extract, Betaine and Sweet Almond Oil. Super charged with tannins and poliphenols. It acts as a smart formula suitable for all skin types: it helps diminish undesired shines on oily skin and boosts moisturizing on dry and combination skin. Learn More
  2. Levinred Advantage Pack #1

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    An advantage pack that contains 2 units of Levinred Wine Cream. A unique and exclusive moisturizing and anti-aging cream with red wine from Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain. Buy both creams at a reduced price!

    Learn More

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