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Bella Aurora

Bella Aurora is state-of-the-art anti dark spots and bleaching skin care. This exclusive brand has been fighting hyperpigmentation for the last 120 years. It was born in the 1890s, in the city of Aurora (Illinois).

Each cream, soap, serum, scrub and makeup from Bella Aurora has a specific mission. At the same time, all creations by this brand help treat the problem of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Bella Aurora makes it much easier, for those whose skin tends to form spots, to fight the signs of aging, moisturize and nourish their skin while fighting and preventing dark spots.

Bella Aurora products have huge prestige within dozens of countries in Europe and America. Their very first creation was the beauty soap. Dozens of anti dark spots creams, serums, lotions and milks came next. The quality and effectiveness of these products made Bella Aurora a very successful company with growing worldwide projection. And their success goes on.

What causes dark spots and hyperpigmentation?

Melanin is a fundamental natural pigment in our skin biology. This substance is responsible for giving color and, at the same time, protecting our skin from solar radiation. Normally, melanin is evenly distributed. However, it is common to observe accumulations of melanin that cause dark spots, especially on most exposed areas such as the face, hands and neckline. This phenomenon tends to increase with aging. Factors such as genetics, sun exposure, hormonal imbalances and the use of photosensitizing products can also stimulate the appearance of dark spots.

Bella Aurora chooses the best bleaching and anti dark spots active ingredients to incorporate to their creams, lotions, serums, scrubs and milks. This guarantees quick, long lasting and complete anti dark spot results.

Try the ultimate anti dark spots and rejuvenating effect on your skin.

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  1. Bella Aurora Dark Spot Corrector

    Regular Price: $15.55

    Special Price $14.77

    Revolutionary spot corrector created by Bella Aurora. Conceals small imperfections, blemishes and hyper pigmented areas (dark spots). Acts on a localized level and lasts for hours. Guarantees natural matte finish, maximum coverage and all-day lasting. Can be used on all skin types. Learn More
  2. Bella Aurora Soft Peeling Gel (Enzymatic + Physical Scrub)

    Regular Price: $12.77

    Special Price $12.13

    Non-greasy peeling gel for all skin types. Gentle scrub. Dual exfoliating action: physical peeling, thanks to descaling micro particles. And enzymatic, thanks to Papain. Removes dead cells and impurities. Leaves the skin velvety soft and cleansed. 100% no harm to the skin. Can be used on sensitive skin. Learn More
  3. Bella Aurora B7 Clarifying Regenerating Cream

    Regular Price: $35.62

    Special Price $33.85

    An intensely regenerating cream for everyday use. With anti-dark spots and lightening qualities. It contains anti-wrinkle and moisturizing ingredients with prolonged effect. It helps eliminate existing spots and prevent new ones. Learn More
  4. Bella Aurora Splendor 10 Total Regenerating Cream

    Regular Price: $35.72

    Special Price $33.93

    Revolutionary anti-aging cream with intensive effect. Specially created to combat the 10 basic signs of aging in all skin types, specially those mature and devitalized. It works day and night. Contains RECREATYL, a revolutionary anti-aging complex that allows instant anti wrinkle action, Hyaluronic Acid, Tryalen and Serilesine. With SPF 15 sunscreen. Face, neck and d├ęcolletage. Learn More
  5. Bella Aurora Micellar Anti-Dark Spots Water

    Regular Price: $15.73

    Special Price $14.95

    An innovative cleansing, lightening, illuminating and makeup removing solution. Requires no rinsing. Contains micelles, a special type of particles capable of trapping impurities and makeup traces, leaving the skin on the face and eye contour perfectly clean, fresh and smooth. Like practically all Bella Aurora products, this micellar water has anti-dark spots properties. 100% paraben free. Learn More

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