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Who We Are?

We are a Spain based company specialized in skin care and ecommerce. Our headquarters are located in one of Galicia's most beautiful corners, a village by the Atlantic Sea called Sanxenxo. From such wonderful place in the heart of the Rías Baixas, we select the best and most exclusive skin care products made in Europe for our worldwide customers. No matter where you are, you can now enjoy our selection of premium high quality creams, serums, miks, scrubs, toners and balms.

Spain is famous for its monuments, beautiful towns, paradise beaches and wonderful food, as well as its friendly people. But, we are actually a lot more than just that. Among the treasures the eldest European country has to offer to the world, there are some of the best and most refined skin care products. Some great Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Málaga are the home for niche laboratories that devote huge human, scientific and money efforts to develop the world's most innovating anti-aging cosmetic and skin care solutions.


Our company started in 2002 as a skin care distributor and product developing business unit. In 2006 we understood ecommerce was the best way to address our beloved customers and we switched our activity to that business model. Ten years later, our team of experts research the Europen market looking for the most unique products. Once they have identified a line they consider suitable for our online stores, the newest of which is BuyCreams, they submit dossiers and samples to our Evaluation Department. They are the ones who decide whether a specific brand fulfills the standards to be published in our stores.

BuyCreams Skin Care

Our products are not the usual mainstream skin care solutions. They are neither manufactured, designed nor developed by huge multi-national labs investing hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising every year. To the contrary, our products are niche anti-aging, moisturizing and revitalizing creations of the highest quality. Our suppliers can focus on the research of highly specific active ingredients because they actually do not need to build an economy of scale. Their profit does not come from huge sales but from huge customer satisfaction. Most of our brands are meant to be used both in the best beauty salons and at home.

BuyCreams is our newest project and we want to welcome you. Our goal is offering the most amazing European skin care products to the world. We are perfectly organized for prepairing and shipping many thousands of orders every month. All orders are shipped from Sanxenxo and we have the technology to send you your order in a very short time, no matter where you are. And our shipping costs are really low. At last these amazing products are available for everybody and not only for a few lucky Spaniards!

The best beauty creams come from Spain! Let us bring them to you!

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